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                        Personal Accident & Sickness Compensation Plans

Making ends meet at the end of every month is a major concern for all Canadians and an injury could make a significant impact to your finances, even for the short term.


Did you know nearly 48% of all business foreclosures are due to disability?  When a disability suddenly occurs it can affect a person's current and future income yet their business, personal and medical expenses still need to be met. 


Could your spouse pay all the bills with a single income if you became disabled as a result of an accident or serious illness?  Who would  care for your children if you are a single parent and an injury or sickness prevents you from performing your day-to-day activities? 


Personal Accident & Sickness Compensation plans provide protection for yourself and financial independence for you and your family.


Innovative Insurance knows that self-employed Canadians have difficulty purchasing a disability protection plan at a reasonable cost.  That's why we offer a special coverage solution available to Self-employed Business Owners and their Employees.  We also offer affordable Accident & Sickness Compensation plans for Individuals, Students, Families and Seniors.


Personal Accident & Sickness Compensation Plans can protect your most valuable asset . . . your ability to work and earn a living.

Personal Accident & Sickness Compensation Plans Provide

A GREAT Alternative or Supplement to Workers Compensation.

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